Why is photography so important on websites?

All of us have a subliminal part of the brain which processes images faster than written information and which bypasses our intellect, going straight for our emotions, our subconscious desires.

That is why good photography is so important on a website because it allows instant, unconscious communication.

This means that even before people have read the content on your site they have emotionally engaged with you, or they haven't.

You don't have to use our photography for your websites but have a look and see what a difference it makes.

100Designs can also create leaflets and brochures which will reflect your website and enforce your brand.


Some of our Photography


Why is light so important in photography?

Light makes us feel a certain way. Dark shadows suggest drama, mystery, suspense. Strong, clear light echoes the light of a beautiful summer's day and makes us feel happier and more optimistic.

This is true on websites. Gorgeous light on a website makes people feel good and that's how you want them to feel when they visit yours


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